Amphibians for Sale

Amphibians for Sale

Amphibians marked with * are not ready to leave just yet.

Pacman Frogs

  • Cb23 Camouflage pacman £65
  • Cb23 Strawberry pacman £75
  • Cb24 Green pacman £45

Other Frogs

  • Cb23 Golden dart frogs £80/£75 2 or more
  • Cb23 Giant African bullfrog £99
  • Cb23 Red eyed tree frogs £75
  • Cb23 Dendrobates Auratus super blue dart frog £80/£75 2 or more
  • Cb23 ranitomeya imitator dart frog £80/£75 2 or more
  • Cb23 marbled newts £25 each 3 for £65 5 for £100


  • Cb22 Wild female £40
  • Cb22 leucistic male £40
Live Food for your Amphibians at Urban Exotics. We have two fresh deliveries of live food a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our live food is available in-store.
At Urban Exotics we have complete set-ups available in-store for your amphibians, our complete setups will come with everything you will need to keep your amphibian happy and healthy. All accessories are available separately in store.