Fish Accessories

Cold Water Fish for Sale


We have a wide range of Internal, external, hang-on and sponge filters as well as all the medias and spares to include:

  • Fluval
  • Superfish
  • Juwel
  • Marina
  • Biorb

Fish Foods / Treatments

All different foods & treatments from the following brands:

  • Seachem
  • Fish science
  • Tetra
  • Hikari
  • King British
  • Api
  • Esha
  • Fluval
  • Frozen


We have a huge choice of natural and artificial decor suited for fish:

  • Rocks - over 15 different types
  • Woods - bowood, mopani, red moor, finger wood etc stock changes regularly
  • Artificial plants - plastic & silk
  • Gravels and sands in various natural and artificial colours in 2,10 and 20kg bags as well as Fluval stratum plant substrate
  • Ornaments - shelves full of artificial rocks, woods, ships, skulls etc. From small to HUGE.

Other Accessories

We also stock and sell:

  • Led lighting from Arcadia and Fluval
  • Air pumps, air stones & accessories
  • Heaters & thermometers
  • Nets
  • Cleaning products - magnets, sponges and syphon kits Various test kits
  • Everything for plant growing including substrates, fertilisers, co2 units etc


We stock a range of pond products to include:

  • Foods
  • Treatments & tap safes
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Air pumps
  • Uv units & spare bulbs
  • Pipes & fittings (huge range)
  • Pond liners
At Urban Exotics we have Aquariums available in-store for your fish, our aquarium setups will come with everything you will need to keep your fish happy and healthy. All our aquarium accessories are available separately in store.
Flakes, pellets and frozen fish food for your fish at Urban Exotics. Our fish food is available in-store.
At Urban Exotics we have all the accessories in-store for your fish tanks and aquariums, including pumps, filters, decor, treatments and medications.