Other Lizards for Sale

Lizards for Sale

Other Lizards

  • Frilled dragons £225
  • Adult female red leatherback bearded dragon £175
  • Baby bearded dragons £69.99
  • Blue tongue skink £199.99
  • Irian jaya blue tongue skink £199.99
  • Crevice spiny lizard £24.99
  • Chinese water dragons £49.99
  • Adult female banded Uromastyx £175
Lizard Delivery within the UK. Prices start from just £35 for animal delivery please contact us for a quote; we will need your full postcode and the lizard you are interested in. We use The Animal Courier for Delivery http://www.animalcourier.co.uk
At Urban Exotics we have complete set-ups available in-store for your lizards, our complete setups will come with everything you will need to keep your lizard happy and healthy. All accessories are available separately in store.
Live, Frozen and Dry Food for your Lizards at Urban Exotics. We have two fresh deliveries of live food a week on Mondays and Fridays. Our live, frozen and dry food is available in-store.