Other Lizards for Sale

Lizards for Sale

Other Lizards

  • Cb22 ocellated Uromastyx £400
  • Cb23 Bearded Dragons £90
  • Cb23 Collard lizards £125
  • Cb23 rankings dragon £120
  • Cb23 Casque head iguana £175
  • Cb23 false chameleon £175
Live, Frozen and Dry Food for your Lizards at Urban Exotics. We have two fresh deliveries of live food a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Our live, frozen and dry food is available in-store.
At Urban Exotics we have complete set-ups available in-store for your lizards, our complete setups will come with everything you will need to keep your lizard happy and healthy. All accessories are available separately in store.