Tortoises & Turtles for Sale

Tortoises and Turtles for Sale


  • Baby Horsefield tortoises £84.99
  • Baby Leopard tortoise £139.99*
  • Baby Indian star tortoise £299.99*
  • Baby pancake tortoise £299.99*
  • Baby Sulcata tortoise £149.99
  • Sulcata tortoise 12 inch+ male and 20 inch+ female £1100pr


  • Adult female musk turtles £39.99
  • Adult male Musk turtle £39.99
  • Baby musk turtles £29.99
  • Baby Reeves turtles £29.99
  • Baby Chinese stripe necked turtles £29.99
Tortoise and Turtle Delivery within the UK. Prices start from just £35 for animal delivery please contact us for a quote; we will need your full postcode and the animal you are interested in. We use The Animal Courier for Delivery
At Urban Exotics we have complete set-ups available in-store for your tortoises and turtles, our complete setups will come with everything you will need to keep your tortoises and turtles happy and healthy. All accessories are available separately in store.
Dry food and grow your own Tortoise food kits at Urban Exotics. Our dry food and grow your own tortoise food kits are available in-store. We are open 7 days a week.